So easy to make and yet so satisfying! Homemade pizza is becoming more and more appealing to me… Still trying to come up with a few to change this up. Will figure it out and blog again when that happens.


This was my first attempt at making souffle cheesecakes (or Japanese cheesecakes). They turned out a little creamier / fluffier than I had wanted. I was hoping they’d be a little more cakey (as they are supposed to be), so maybe I will cook them for a little longer next time I try to make these.

It was a little bit of an effort to put the paper collars on them, but it paid off because the cheesecakes were so easy to remove from the tin. I put them in the refrigerator now to harden a little bit *fingers crossed*. I was initially going to top them with strawberry sauce, but they seem to taste fine on their own.

The flavor is there, and I will only have to work on the consistency now.

Recipe adapted from here.

While sitting at work today, I suddenly felt the urge need to make a food blog. It just isn’t enough to share food posts on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I need to forage my way into this big internet world and share my foodie-thoughts on this blog as well. 

Living in a 2-person household often constricts my ability to experiment and practice cooking & baking due to the lack of taste testers. Fortunately for me, my husband is expecting two friends over for a study session and they are now (involuntarily) Baby Bites taste-testers! The current plan is to make mini pizzas and tiny Japanese cheesecakes. The mini pizzas are tried & tested, but I figured I needed something reliable to fall back on in case of cheesecake failure.

For now, I will end this post and leave you to ogle a few photos of previous mouth-watering Baby Bites creations above! 🙂

(PS. All these photos were taken from my Instagram account, so I apologize for the lack of quality / consistency. )