Checkered Cake

Been meaning to update the blog but haven’t been able to come up with something worth posting. In the meantime, here is a picture of the cake I made for our little housewarming party last Saturday!



Summer in Snow

Yesterday, I was asked a very big question: Why do I bake? I was so stupefied in the moment that I wasn’t able to answer beyond the usual “because it’s fun and I enjoy it” mumbo jumbo. I woke up this morning with an epiphany of sorts – an AHA! moment. I know why I bake, and that is because baking to me is like creating edible art, which is, in my own humble opinion, the best kind. So if somebody out there owns something like that remote control from that Adam Sandler movie “Click”, I could really use it right now.

I promised myself to make something beautiful every week from here on out…unless something comes up. My edible art for this week is a layered berry meringue, which brings to mind the wonderful flavors of summer embraced in snow.

Ps. As you may have noticed below, I am attempting to write this blog also in (poor) Finnish. Please forgive any spelling and grammatical errors, my Finnish language skills are truly a work in progress.

Eilen minulta kysyttiin: miksi minä leivon? Olin niin mykistynyt, että mutisin vain tavallista hölynpölyä (”koska se on hauskaa ja nautin leipomisesta”).  Olin aivan vaivautunut koko päivän aikana, ja heräsin tänä aamuna kysymys edelleen mielessäni – sitten, yhtäkkiä tajusin miksi minä oikeasti leivon! Leipominen on minulle kuin taiteen luomista, ja tämä on jopa erityisempi taide, koska se on syötävää! Siis jos joku omistaa jonkinlaisen tv-kaukosäätimen Adam Sandlerin ”Click” –elokuvasta, voisinko lainata sitä sinulta?

Joka tapauksessa, minun tämän viikon syötävä taideteos (lupasin itselleni, että leivon viikoittaisin tästä lähtien) on tämä kuningatar marenki kerrokset, josta tulee mieleen kesä ja luminen halaus. 

layeredberrymeringue_1 layeredberrymeringue_2

It is only fitting because it’s kind of a winter wonderland here in Rovaniemi at the moment. See: view from my balcony

Tämä pikkuherkku sopii erittäin hyvin tämänhetkiseen säähän, koska Rovaniemi on tällä hetkellä täydellisesti lumen peitossa. Ks. Parvekkeeltani otettu kuva. 


Recipe (using only 5 ingredients!) is found after the jump.

Reseptin löydätte alla oleva linkistä. 

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Parlez vous soufflé?

I have decided to take a break from unpacking my boxed-up life as we move into our new home back here in Rovaniemi by getting back on the blogging horse. I’ve been meaning to update more, but haven’t found the writing mojo– it’s buried deep deep down. But! It’s a new year (once again!) and my mom has oh-so-kindly gifted me with a hand-me-down in the form of a MacBook and hey, I’m not too proud to beg. : )

Anyway… we are back in Rovaniemi (funnily enough, in an apartment that is right across our old place) after 4 months in wonderful Helsinki and a month vacationing in Manila. In addition to celebrating my mom’s 55th birthday and Chinese New Year, the best part… okay, the second best part (nothing beats shopping) is having tasters around the house! Trust me, I took advantage… Thankfully, the tasters were willing participants and I had the chance to experiment on soufflés in various flavors. And much like most of my trial and error adventures, it was definitely a learning experience. Some soufflés ended up rather dense, others overcooked, one even heavy (how that is even possible is beyond me and can only be chalked up to my clumsy kitchen ways). However, I am quite happy and proud to present 5 different soufflés.

Soufflés after the jump, I promise!

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