In Development: Gingerbread Cheesecake

First snow has arrived in Northern Finland! We had about an inch of snow on the ground last week … which eventually turned into slush (and of course, this had to happen while the car is at the mechanic – and on my 25-minute walk to school in the morning, I got splashed by wonderful bus and car drivers a grand total of three times!). Apparently, there is a law in Finland which obligates these splash-causing drivers to pay the laundromat bill of the splashee, if they are able to write down your license plate number (of which I did no such thing). Note to self: there is a need to buy waterproof pants!

Anyway…. as anybody that knows me is aware, winter blues are in the air and there is only so much self-medicating (i.e. chocolate) that one can take per day. (BTW, I scoffed down one 200 g bar of Fazer Biscuit Crisps in Milk Chocolate yesterday.) As such, it is back to being in front of the oven and a slave to my hand mixer. I have been thinking about making this Gingerbread cheesecake all week!!! Though it hints at a Christmassy taste, believe me when I say I am still in grinch-mode, though baking obviously warms my little baby grinch heart.

image-(1) image-(2) image-(3) image-(4) image

I decided to make 2 versions: 2-inch single-serves & a 4-inch family sized cake.  As this Baby Bites product is still in development (that is, far from perfected), I will not yet be sharing the recipe. Hopefully, it will be ready before Christmas!

In other news, I am planning to make a DAVE the Minion (from the Despicable Me series) 3D cake in the coming weeks! Gotta keep those winter negativities away! 😛


My food-themed jewelry collection.

As I was browsing on Facebook today, I came across some handiwork by my friend and fellow pastry school student Jenni. She is apparently not only an amazing sketcher, but she has also made some super cute polymer clay jewelry! I wanted to buy them, but she is apparently temporarily out of the jewelry-making business as her tools are lost in the abyss (that may or may not be her parents’ house). I went to have a look at my costume jewelry box (i.e. a little paper bag from Claire’s) — and decided to take a picture for the purposes of this blog update.

Here below is my food-themed jewelry collection, all purchased from one of my favorite stores Claire’s. (This post is not sponsored by Claire’s, I promise!)


And I am obviously looking to expand this little collection, so if anybody knows where I can get some cute little food jewelry, please drop me a comment!


Life as a pastry school student.

Guess who is back on the blogging horse? That would be me, once again! After promising myself that I would update this frequently, I found myself drowning in many social/school activities just being lazy. (Truth time!) I think it was perhaps a little too much pressure that I tried to blog in Finnish as well, because I am very much aware that there are many grammatical and spelling errors in my Finnish writing — and that translates to me not being motivated to post anything at all. If I stick to english for now, maybe I can slowly but surely find myself writing a little bit more.

As I previously stated many months ago, I have begun attending pastry school – and not just some short course amateur cooking classes. I am working on a degree program in baking & confectionery. At school, I have learned how to make traditional Finnish pastries such as the infamous korvapuusti (literally ‘ear bun’ which is actually their version of a cinnamon bun, sans the oh-so-sticky-and-delicious Cinnabon cream cheese glaze!), braided breads, rice pastry (which is a savory little rye ‘pie’ filled with rice porridge) and little Swiss rolls filled with a lot of cream. Oh how Finns love their cream. ❤ I have also made literally hundreds and hundreds of croissants, danishes (both sweet and savory!), breads, dinner rolls, and sometimes, little cookies. I have also ventured for the very first time into the deep and dangerous world of gluten-free / egg-free (aka special dietary needs) products, which I would never consider making a career out of because it is a great big challenge that I simply do not enjoy.

I have also become more experienced in working with sugar (pulled and blown), fondants, marzipan, chocolate work and other decorative arts. I have also experimented more with choux pastry, puff pastry and, of course, cakes! 🙂

Pictures can be found on Facebook and Instagram (and also this Instagram).

As for upcoming projects… I will be experimenting  developing a gingerbread cheesecake recipe this weekend. And for Halloween (or possibly sooner!), I will be working on a bloody zombie murder cake! 😀

And if anyone out there is reading this, please remind me to update more. Please and thank you!