Life as a pastry school student.

Guess who is back on the blogging horse? That would be me, once again! After promising myself that I would update this frequently, I found myself drowning in many social/school activities just being lazy. (Truth time!) I think it was perhaps a little too much pressure that I tried to blog in Finnish as well, because I am very much aware that there are many grammatical and spelling errors in my Finnish writing — and that translates to me not being motivated to post anything at all. If I stick to english for now, maybe I can slowly but surely find myself writing a little bit more.

As I previously stated many months ago, I have begun attending pastry school – and not just some short course amateur cooking classes. I am working on a degree program in baking & confectionery. At school, I have learned how to make traditional Finnish pastries such as the infamous korvapuusti (literally ‘ear bun’ which is actually their version of a cinnamon bun, sans the oh-so-sticky-and-delicious Cinnabon cream cheese glaze!), braided breads, rice pastry (which is a savory little rye ‘pie’ filled with rice porridge) and little Swiss rolls filled with a lot of cream. Oh how Finns love their cream. ❤ I have also made literally hundreds and hundreds of croissants, danishes (both sweet and savory!), breads, dinner rolls, and sometimes, little cookies. I have also ventured for the very first time into the deep and dangerous world of gluten-free / egg-free (aka special dietary needs) products, which I would never consider making a career out of because it is a great big challenge that I simply do not enjoy.

I have also become more experienced in working with sugar (pulled and blown), fondants, marzipan, chocolate work and other decorative arts. I have also experimented more with choux pastry, puff pastry and, of course, cakes! 🙂

Pictures can be found on Facebook and Instagram (and also this Instagram).

As for upcoming projects… I will be experimenting  developing a gingerbread cheesecake recipe this weekend. And for Halloween (or possibly sooner!), I will be working on a bloody zombie murder cake! 😀

And if anyone out there is reading this, please remind me to update more. Please and thank you!


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