My food-themed jewelry collection.

As I was browsing on Facebook today, I came across some handiwork by my friend and fellow pastry school student Jenni. She is apparently not only an amazing sketcher, but she has also made some super cute polymer clay jewelry! I wanted to buy them, but she is apparently temporarily out of the jewelry-making business as her tools are lost in the abyss (that may or may not be her parents’ house). I went to have a look at my costume jewelry box (i.e. a little paper bag from Claire’s) — and decided to take a picture for the purposes of this blog update.

Here below is my food-themed jewelry collection, all purchased from one of my favorite stores Claire’s. (This post is not sponsored by Claire’s, I promise!)


And I am obviously looking to expand this little collection, so if anybody knows where I can get some cute little food jewelry, please drop me a comment!


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