Minion Dave and Minion Me


I decided to bake a 3D character cake for the very first time over the weekend – and though it was not entirely perfect, I was quite pleased with how it turned out. I made the goggle and eyes a few days in advance, though perhaps I did not get the timing exactly right because the marzipan was in between soft and hard and thus not very easy to attach to the cake via toothpicks (hence, the crooked eyes). I attempted to use my toy Dave (the one that talks, rolls its eyes and farts) as a model and was hoping to get the cake to scale, but unfortunately my brain must have not clicked because i was only able to come up with half of what he was meant to be. (I premade parts of the overalls, i.e. the Gru logo, and his shoes but they all went straight into the trash can after the cake was assembled.) Inside is 3-layers of 6-inch red velvet cake, frosted with cream cheese icing (which I now realize I should have put a LOT more of).

After making the cake and taking pictures and being proud of myself for a good three minutes, it suddenly hit me: HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO CUT THIS CAKE? I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t the easiest of tasks and I didn’t even attempt to do it myself. Knives and I – let’s just say we aren’t besties. After a few minutes of “no, you do it…no, you!”, my good friend Pedro did the honors, and I have to say, we teased him all night about being a minion murderer. Is that called minionicide?


After seeing this, I will now rethink suggesting this cake for young children’s birthday parties…but what do I know? They might even get a kick out of it anyway! 😛 I just hope that no birthday celebrant gets nightmares from the sight of his birthday cake.

… But onto less gruesome things…. it looks like I myself will become minionized in the coming months. I have just been accepted as a slave trainee for the months of January – April in my first choice patisserie in Helsinki! I’m quite excited about the internship… and also about moving back into the big city! 🙂 Friends and family, it will now be easier to come meet up with me as I will no longer be a resident of the Arctic Circle next to Santa Claus. 😛 Though I will miss the few dear friends I have made here in Rovaniemi, I am so ready to live in a place that has an actual shopping MALL, instead of the two teensy “shopping centers” they have here. So Minion Me is ready to put the overalls on and head to work!

But before that, 3 months left here and I’m going to make the most of it! 🙂


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