Restaurant Day

Restaurant Day is exactly one week away, and I have not even begun to prepare! The only thing I have ready is the menu, which I suppose is the most important part anyway. I spent the day making a princess doll cake for a friend of a friend (pictures to be posted on Facebook tomorrow after the cake is picked up by its owner), and it turned out quite nicely so I am patting myself on the back as I write this and allowing myself the rest of the evening off. I remember my very first Restaurant Day experience, way back in August 2012 (it’s been more than two years!!!) – it was quite a spontaneous decision to join, made one week prior to the actual event! Now that I think about it, it is one of the bravest decisions I have ever made in my life – and it is one that I am SO happy that I did it. This was the very first concrete step that I took into building my little future-business as it was then that the name Baby Bites was conceptualized. 🙂


And here we are at my FOURTH restaurant day pop-up restaurant! As has become quite a tradition, I will be with my good friend Sri (who specializes in selling gluteen-free treats) and this time, we are joined by even more friends selling their own creations! 😛 I am SO excited, but also, as it happens each and every time, a bit anxious. I hope that the menu that I have planned will be successful – it’s always risky introducing new items to customers as it is impossible to predict what people like/dislike!

For this restaurant day, I will be selling CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES with DULCE DE LECHE FROSTING, GLÖGI CHEESECAKE, TROPICAL FRUIT FLAVORED MACARONS and lastly, CAMILA’S CINUTELLA COOKIE CUPS! I am most worried/excited about Camila’s cookie cups (not because I doubt they are AWESOME, because clearly they are!) but I am anxious about living up to Camila’s recipe! I hope I am able to execute it with her precision & grace… we will see!

If you are in the Rovaniemi area, please come by our restaurant!

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