Umm, it’s 2018!

So…. it’s been a while.

Since the last blog post, here’s what’s happened:
– We moved to Helsinki in January 2015, where I started my internship at one of Finland’s largest and most popular patisseries.
– I graduated from pastry school after said internship and continued working at the patisserie for the summer.
– I started business school in the autumn of 2015. 🙂
– My dad passed away shortly after that (September 2015). We spent Christmas 2015 in the Philippines with my mom and brothers.
– My husband and I decided to start trying for a baby, and we got pregnant not long after.
– We moved into a bigger apartment in June 2016, when I officially went on a year long break from school.
– We travelled to America for a summer holiday (officially our last vacation as a family of 2).
– Baby girl arrived in September 2016!
– Our first Christmas (and everything) as a family of 3!
– We travelled to Dubrovnik, Croatia as our first family vacation in the summer of 2017.
– Baby girl started daycare after she turned one and I am now back as a full-time student by day (still remain a diaper changer by night).

And here we are, all caught up! On the food front, I have kept busy over the past year and half making baby purees, and then moved on to bite sized toddler meals and now back to the regular programming of basic home cooked food! I am also now getting back into the swing of baking, having made fresh cinnamon buns this morning. I am now working on flavor experiments for my daughter’s upcoming half-birthday in March! I will try and remember to update here with pictures.

In the meantime, there’s instagram: @heyyrenee


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