In Development: Gingerbread Cheesecake

First snow has arrived in Northern Finland! We had about an inch of snow on the ground last week … which eventually turned into slush (and of course, this had to happen while the car is at the mechanic – and on my 25-minute walk to school in the morning, I got splashed by wonderful bus and car drivers a grand total of three times!). Apparently, there is a law in Finland which obligates these splash-causing drivers to pay the laundromat bill of the splashee, if they are able to write down your license plate number (of which I did no such thing). Note to self: there is a need to buy waterproof pants!

Anyway…. as anybody that knows me is aware, winter blues are in the air and there is only so much self-medicating (i.e. chocolate) that one can take per day. (BTW, I scoffed down one 200 g bar of Fazer Biscuit Crisps in Milk Chocolate yesterday.) As such, it is back to being in front of the oven and a slave to my hand mixer. I have been thinking about making this Gingerbread cheesecake all week!!! Though it hints at a Christmassy taste, believe me when I say I am still in grinch-mode, though baking obviously warms my little baby grinch heart.

image-(1) image-(2) image-(3) image-(4) image

I decided to make 2 versions: 2-inch single-serves & a 4-inch family sized cake.  As this Baby Bites product is still in development (that is, far from perfected), I will not yet be sharing the recipe. Hopefully, it will be ready before Christmas!

In other news, I am planning to make a DAVE the Minion (from the Despicable Me series) 3D cake in the coming weeks! Gotta keep those winter negativities away! 😛


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